Кино в моей жизни — Movies in my life

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Кино в моей жизни — Movies in my life Сочинение на отлично
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Movies play an important role in my life and of course I like to go to the cinema. As for me it is an available popular form of art, I find visiting cinemas is one of the best ways of spending my free time. And everyone can choose his favorite genre of film. There are such genres of feature films like a thriller, a musical, a drama and a comedy. To my mind movies extend our knowledge about people, about the world we live. Everyone knows that we live in a very difficult time nowadays. But sometimes we do need something amusing, pleasant and funny. That’s why I prefer comedies. And there is no doubt that a good film gives us an excellent entertainment.

Watching a good film with children helps us in upbringing. I think taste can be formed through the movies because there are

A lot of films about nature, animals, and kind people. And I like serious films where serious problems of our life are raised up.

Children mesmerized for hours before a television set watching cartoons seeing for the fifth time because it is interesting. And I enjoy seeing cartoons too.

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Кино в моей жизни — Movies in my life